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"The pursuit of wisdom is the ultimate challenge.

  The success of one's goal is the ultimate gift."

                                                    - Brandon Erickson

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Our first website "flip" in 2011

Holding Period: 90 Days

Annualized Return: 243%

Bonus: $500/hour consulting

Major Brand Investment - Niche Product

Original Investment: $30,000​

Holding Period: 5 Years

Gain: 2,020% - 74% Annually

Top Monthly Income Property for 2013

Original Investment: $6,000

Holding Period: 2.5 Years

Total Gain % Gain: 3,700%

Annualized Return: 326%

Bonus: Cash Sale

Worldwide Car & Truck Review Site

Original Investment: $140,000

Holding Period: 3 Years

Annualized Return: 450%