We tend to see what others miss

Acquired this retail (B2B) segment in late 2014. ​

This business serves the wood flooring, construction, and general contracting industries by providing 100% American-made oscillating and reciprocating blades.

Revenue has quadrupled since 2015, and we serve thousands of clients worldwide.

Business Sold - September 2018

Purchased website and YouTube channel in May 2017​

Actively building email list, and YouTube subscribers on a daily basis. Website receives advertising inquiries every week, and revenue continues to grow.​

Property holds 4,000+ articles, and 7,000+ videos.

Business Sold - October 2018 is a high-performance, championship minded directory that allows you to enroll in the nearest and best tournaments or clinics for the upcoming season - All destined to improve your game.

Contains over 1,000 LAX videos and tournament listings.

                                Founded 2013 is one of the nation's top nursing, medical, and phlebotomy-focused resources and training guides online today.​

We focus on state-specific information, school listings, and the ability to find certifications and programs fast.

                          Acquired November 2017 is one of the oldest gaming review sites in the world - established in 2003.​

This is a browser based online game directory where players can submit, vote, rate and discuss their favorite games. Most of the games here can be played directly from your desktop, require no download and are free!

                          Acquired January 2018 is the premier institute for beginner and advanced welding courses. At just a fraction of the price of technical schools, our courses are designed to take you from A-Z without having to pay $30,000!

    Combined with, our company is busy                               serving 25,000 Clients worldwide

                                    Established 2012

The Nucopia Wellness Kit has helped thousands of women in over 15+ countries achieve total health whether they are pre or postpartum. Our supplements are the highest quality available on the market.

                 Direct mailing list of 20,000 women.

                                    Established 2013

Founded in 2012, Giveaway Monkey is a hosting & listing giveaway site. Our team curates the best online giveaways worldwide every day for our huge followers all over the world.


Unlike other giveaway sites, we manually approve all the giveaways to make sure that only genuine and exciting giveaways are listed on our site.